Kali Shalwar by Manto PDF download free short stories.

Kali Shalwar is another wonderful short story by Saadat Hasan Manto. Today we are sharing its download link here. The book also contains some other stories (afsanay) by the author.

Urdu literature only has a few big names in fiction writings like Manto. Unlike other writers, he used to pay special attention to the rejected people of the society such as prostitutes. In this tale, you will also read about a prostitute named Sultana.

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English translation of a passage from Kali Shalwar by Manto PDF

Kali Shalwar By Manto PDF Download Free (Short Stories)

“Before coming to Delhi, she was in Anbala cantt, where several Englishmen were her customers. Due to her meetings with these Englishmen, she had learnt ten to fifteen sentences of English language. She didn’t use them in her routine language. Though, when she came to Delhi and her business didn’t grow, then one day she said to her neighbor Tamancha Jan, ‘this laif — very bad‘. Means this life is very bad while there is nothing to eat”.

“In Anbala Cantt, her business was running very well. Englishmen from Cantt came to her drunk. She served 8 to 10 of them in just 3 to 4 hours and used to make twenty to thirty rupees per customer. These Englishmen were very good compared to her countrymen. There was no doubt that they spoke a language which Sultana didn’t understand. But this unawareness from their language was very good for her”.

“If they wanted some concession then she used to say by shaking her head. “Sir! I can’t understand what you are talking”. If they tried to cross their limits, then she started abusing them in her own language. When they surprisingly looked her face, then she said, “Sir! You are absolutely……….. understand”. While saying this, she didn’t talk strictly rather she talked them with love, the Englishmen started laughing”.

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Kali Shalwar by Manto link is below, while the size of the PDF file is 6.14 MB.

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