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You can download another classic of the 19th century, Jane Eyre book on this page. First published in 1847 in England and the publisher was Smith, Elder & Co. While Harper & Brothers published it in America the following year.

Its author was one of the famous Bronte sisters, Charlotte Bronte. She was an English novelist, who used her pen name “Currer Bell“, in her writings.

A few details about Jane Eyre Book by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre Book by Charlotte Bronte PDF Free DownloadJane Eyre is the protagonist of the novel and the plot describes her life experiences. From her loveless childhood to struggling adulthood and then her love for Edward Rochester. While the way their romance develops in the mysterious Thornfield Hall, is truly remarkable. However, there is a scary secret inside that Jane comes to know on the day of their marriage. Throughout the narrative we see how Jane gradually gains moral sensibility.

Bronte’s classic work is truly one of some best romance works of the English literature. While her main character Jane is also considered as one of the powerful characters in literature.

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We have provided its download links below. You can get this classic public domain work for free.

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