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You can download The Ivory Child novel from this page. This classic work of 20th century first published in 1916. The name of the author is H. Rider Haggard, who was an English novelist. He mostly wrote adventure novels set in uncommon places like Africa. His stories are influential and still popular among the readers. You can learn more about his works here.

An excerpt from the novel The Ivory Child by H. Rider Haggard

The Ivory Child Novel by H. Rider Haggard Download Free (Online)Thus speaking he backed himself out of sight. Lord Ragnall watched him go, then said with a laugh:

“I apologize to you, Mr. Quatermain. That silly old fool was part of my inheritance, so to speak; and the joke of it is that he is himself the worst and most dangerous shot I ever saw. However, on the other hand, he is the best rearer of pheasants in the county, so I put up with him. Come in, now, won’t you? Charles will look after your guns and cartridges.”

So Scroope and I were taken through a side entrance into the big hall and there introduced to the other members of the shooting party, most of whom were staying at the castle. They were famous shots. Indeed, I had read of the prowess of some of them in /The Field/, a paper that I always took in Africa, although often enough, when I was on my distant expeditions, I did not see a copy of it for a year at a time.

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To my astonishment I found that I knew one of these gentlemen. We had not, it is true, met for a dozen years; but I seldom forget a face, and I was sure that I could not be mistaken in this instance. That mean appearance, those small, shifty grey eyes, that red, pointed nose could belong to nobody except Van Koop, so famous in his day in South Africa in connexion with certain gigantic and most successful frauds that the law seemed quite unable to touch, of which frauds I had been one of the many victims to the extent of £250, a large sum for me.

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