Today we are going to share PDF, Kindle and Epub links of a 19th century’s classic work. It is Heidi book by Johanna Spyri that you can download from this post. This work of children’s fiction originally published in German language in 1881 and it was in 2 parts.

The author Johanna was a Swiss-born novelist, who wrote in German. She was famous for writing children’s stories and this novel Heidi is her most notable work.

A few lines about Heidi book by Johanna Spyri

Heidi Book by Johanna Spyri {Download}The novel describes about a five year old girl, who is under her grandfather’s care in the side of Swiss mountain. Her aunt Dete took her responsibility after her parents’ deaths. However, now Dete leaves the little girl to her grandfather, who is although an angry man, but he is also caring. After some time Heidi starts living joyfully in her new mountain life and she also finds her new friends young Peter and the goat-herd.

Though, after 3 years, aunt Dete comes again because she has found a full-time job for 8 years old Heidi. So, Heidi has to go to give the company to a sickly girl. This girl Clara is the daughter of a rich family, who lives in the city. Will Heidi ever return to the mountains and her grandfather, whom she loves.

Heidi book is a wonderful narrative of friendship and familial love. It is considered as one of the best works of Swiss literature and it has also been remained a bestseller. Although it is a nicely written tale, but modern children might dislike it due to its slow pace. If you have already read and liked the books like Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter and Anne of Green Gables, then you will also like it.

Download links to Heidi book by Johanna Spyri

We have shared its download links below from the public domain. You can save a copy to your device.

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