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Heart of Darkness is a classic short novel of the early 20th century. Although first published in Blackwood’s Magazine in three monthly parts in 1899 though the book version published in 1902. The author was Joseph Conrad, who was a Polish-born British writer. Critics of literature consider him one of the ancestors of modernist literature. Several authors of the modern age are inspired by his style of story telling and anti-heroic characters. This novella is also available in several languages of the world.

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad book review

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

The story describes a seaman’s journey to collect ivory and his fascination by Kurtz. This mysterious man, Kurtz reigns over the local inhabitants. During a voyage down the Thames River a seaman named Marlow tells his fellow passengers about his earlier voyage. He had traveled to the Congo to avail ivory and also to get Kurtz, who is a rogue ivory trader.

Before reaching to Kurtz, he observes the Europeans’ cruel behavior toward the local African people. Marlow saw how these cruel traders had occupied local people’s lands. They treated them brutally for their unending quest of ivory. He also encounters some agents inured to the misery of the local tribesman. Despite the fact that Marlow finds them kind hearted. After several violent events eventually he experiences a meeting with Kurtz.

Through his magnificent piece of work Conrad brings up a question concerning to racism and imperialism. The main concept of the book which the author has presented to the readers is that there is no big variance between civilized citizens and the wild humans.

According to the Modern Library this work is also one of the 100 best English novels of the previous century. Due to several violent scenes and difficult vocabulary, this work is not suitable for children. With its complex themes, use of symbolism and a dense writing style it is recommended for mature readers.

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