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The Happy Prince story and Other Tales download links are available on this page. This classic work for children first published in 1888. The author was Oscar Wilde. This is actually a collection of five different stories.

The Happy Prince story and Other Tales review

The Happy Prince Story and Other Tales Book Download

Every short story is a delightful allegory that will have an effect on your heart. You will not be able to stop yourself to praise the matchless moral lessons in every tale. With its various charming and some abhorrent characters, these stories are so nice and appealing. You will see these characters are usually animals or lifeless things, but they feel so real just like the common people.

Wilde’s ingenious yet skeptical mockery of society is still so relevant today. Along with his amusing humor, he also discloses his gentler side by analyzing the topics, for example, sympathy, selfishness, cherish, selflessness and gentleness. Readers may wonder how he successfully managed to combine such precise and eminent characters in these kind of a tale.

These tales inspire an amazing feeling as well. While reading, readers feel glad and sad, angry and happy and stimulation and disillusion on many occasions. A story that can influence you to feel exceptionally sorrowful or extremely happy is definitely a great story and these stories exactly do that.

Despite that, all tales are different, but there is a powerful lesson for the readers. The lesson of affection, relationship and attachment, how it contrasts in each situation. You will learn what is actually a true love or relationship. The lesson can be good or bad, however bad doesn’t mean evil but some egocentric kind. At the end of each tale you will see how a true love recovers everything.

If you are going to read these stories for the first time, then believe, some wonderful life lessons are waiting for you. The value of love and the power of friendship and more.

The Happy Prince story and Other Tales download links

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