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Gulliver's Travels PDFYou can download Gulliver’s travels PDF version from this page. It is available in the public domain. It was first published in 28 October 1726. The publisher was Benjamin Motte. It was written by Jonathan Swift who was an Irish writer, poet, satirist and essayist. He was mostly known for his satires. The under discussion novel was his most notable work. Its original title is too long, so it is simply called Gulliver’s Travels.

Gulliver’s travels PDF book review

This all time classic novel is actually a series of adventure voyages towards some unseen and imaginary worlds by Lemuel Gulliver. It is one of some widely read and the most loved novels of English literature. It has been liked and accepted by the readers of all ages. Due to its fantastic creatures and wonderful characters its story is loved by  the children. On the other hand its deep satire on human nature also attracts the adult readers. Swift’s keen observation of human behavior and his outstanding satiric style of writing forces the readers to read it again and again.

After publication, it got instant success and became so popular among the readers. All copies of the first printing were sold quickly within a week. The novel has four parts. Each part describes Gulliver’s experiences of a different voyage. Every time he has to face a different situation. Somewhere he finds himself among a crowd of a very small human and sometime he encounters a race of very big people.

After the end of his all travels, he becomes a different person. During his all journeys he learns a lot about human nature and behavior. Now he is able to recognize the evil and its reasons in the humans. He starts thinking about himself and everything in a new perspective.

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This masterpiece of the 18th century is freely available online. We have shared its download links below. You can get it in your required format.

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