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Great Gatsby PDF DownloadThe Great Gatsby PDF version is available in the public domains in several countries. Today we will review and share its link with you. The name of the author is F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was published by Scribner’s Sons in 1925.

The Great Gatsby PDF book review

This ideal novel has acquired a vast range of admirers from all generations. After one year of its publication the response from the readers was disappointing. Only 20000 copies sold. But after the second world war, it got popular among the audience. Today it is considered as a literary classic.

The narrator of the story and events, is a young graduate Nick Carraway. He shifts in New York. In his neighbor a rich person lives. It is Jay Gatsby, who is a millionaire. Gatsby regularly arranges parties in his home. He always invites young, stylish and popular people. These people remain curious about his past and think him a mysterious person. But the fact is that Gatsby is living a resentful life. Nick comes to know the reason of Gatsby’s sad life.

A few years back, Gatsby was in love with a cute girl Daisy. She also loved him. But in the absence of Gatsby, she married with a rich man Tom Buchanan. Gatsby still loves her and want to meet her again. Due to Gatsby’s extreme insistence, Nick arranges his meeting with Daisy. Now their affair starts again. When Tom comes to know this he becomes angry and warns both of them.

One day Gatsby and Daisy become emotional while they are on the drive. Daisy can’t control the car and she hits a woman. The woman dies. Now Gatsby decides to take the blame on himself so that Daisy could remain safe. But the woman’s husband George Wilson discovers that Gatsby is the owner of the killer car. So he comes and shoots Gatsby in his home. After his death Nick becomes so sad and leaves the New York.

This magnificent novel has been well-composed. Fitzgerald has created the clever characters, who dodge others in difficult situations. Although it is suitable to read for every level, but the senior students and advanced readers enjoy the most.

Some details about the author of The Great Gatsby PDF book

F Scott Fitzgerald the author of the Great Gatsby PDF

F Scott Fitzgerald the author of the Great Gatsby

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in September 24, 1896 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He was an American writer and he wrote four novels. In addition, he also wrote short stories. Fitzgerald was so talented and had an extraordinary lyrical style. He was also one of the biggest American authors of the last century. The Great Gatsby is truly his masterpiece. His other novels are This Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and Damned, and Tender Is the Night. His work has also appeared into movies several times. He died in December 21, 1940.

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You can get this magnificent novel from the below links.

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Note: We have removed the download links. Because we have come to know that it still holds copyrights in the US and a few other countries.

So, if you wish to read, you can purchase it in paperback or Kindle from Amazon.

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