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Download Great Expectations PDF, Kindle or Epub versions. This classic historical fiction novel is one of the most famous works of Charles Dickens. It first published in October 1861 while they published it in three volumes. Though before that it was serialized in All the Year Round which was author’s own weekly periodical. Furthermore, several translations of this masterpiece are also available worldwide.

Great Expectations book review

Great Expectations PDF Free

This first person narrative is set in London and Kent. A wonderful story of love and suffering, crime and sin with some captivating characters. It describes the life experiences and development of Pip from childhood to maturity. Philip Pirrip (Pip) who is an orphan boy lives in his elder sister’s home. She always ignores and abuses him. His brother in law is a blacksmith. Pip realizes that he is going to become a blacksmith. But he has the courage to expect a good future.

Then suddenly with the help of a mysterious benefactor, he comes in London. Here he feels himself a stranger in the society. He is uncomfortable about social class. His recent prosperity and everlasting childhood love Estella force him to change his life. He feels ashamed of his ordinary origins. In spite of his helpless childhood, now he interacts with the high and the middle class people. Here the author highlights the social realities of his time. He comments on the socioeconomic matters of Victorian society.

The tempo of the story is very good. Various situations are quite gripping. At some points the plot is unpredictable and shocking. A reader finds several mysteries that keep him engaged. He urges to know what will happen next. In addition, you will find some scenes in the novel that are really unforgettable.

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