Free Kindle Books Limited Time Offers

If you are looking for free Kindle Books then this page is for you. We have created this page to share free literary stuff with the readers that is currently available on Amazon. This stuff is actually available for free as a limited time offer. In addition, there are a large number of new authors who make their eBooks freely available. By doing so, they get the attention of readers due to which they may get benefit in future.

Free Kindle Books Limited Time Offers

If you know about an offer before it gets expired, you can avail it for free. For this purpose we try to help readers so that they could easily know about the latest free offers. On this page you will see several links of the eBooks that are currently available as a free offer on Amazon.

In fact a lot of free stuff always remains on Amazon or other sites from the highest ranked publishers and major independent authors. But as a matter of fact, most of the readers remain unaware of this. Furthermore, several readers don’t want to spend their time in searching. For such users if you regularly visit this page, then you will be able to see the latest free offers. We regularly share here the best free Kindle books from various genres. Either from the New York Times bestseller lists or from the hidden treasure.

What do you need for reading free Kindle books ?

You can easily read them on your Kindle reader. If you don’t have one, then you can enjoy reading on your smart phones or tablets with Amazon’s free Kindle reading app. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you still don’t need to worry. The good thing is that Amazon also provides this free App for the users of Windows and Mac. It enables you to read Kindle books from your computer. Apart from the Kindle e-reader or your app installed smartphone the other main thing you will need is your Amazon account.

If you are new to Kindle

If you are going to enjoy the wonderful Kindle experience for the first time. First of all create an account with Amazon. Then go to the below link and download this free Kindle app according to your device. You can find several apps for your smartphones, tablets and PC. This app supports almost all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.

Download your free app now

When download completes, install it. After that you will see a new icon “Kindle“, in your screen. Open it. Here you will see a registration form. Just register your app with your Amazon email account details. Now click on any free Kindle book’s link below.

When you click on a link of free Kindle books that we have shared below it will take you to a new window. Here you will see a Buy now with 1-Click button at the right side of the page. Below this button there is a list of the devices where your free eBook can be sent. Now from this list, select the device which you want the eBook to be sent. After that click on Buy now with 1-Click button and don’t worry, this will be free at that time. See image below:

Free Kindle Books Limited Time Offers

After a few seconds your free book will appear in the Library on your Kindle app. If it doesn’t show just click on the refresh button on your Library. You can also enjoy reading Kindle eBooks from your internet browser through the use of the Kindle Cloud Reader. You can access it by clicking on the below link.

Kindle Cloud Reader

Any eBook that you add to your Kindle library automatically sync with all of your devices that you have registered with your account. There are several other reading options in the app that you can set as you like. You will see the Kindle store button at the top right corner of the app that you can use to browse the store for yourself.

Some notable things

1- One thing I am not sure, but there are a few countries where Kindle editions are not available. In such case when you click on a free eBook link, you will not find the Buy now with 1-Click button. Which means Kindle editions are not available for your country. See image below:

Free Kindle Books Limited Time Offers

2- Another notable thing has been mentioned on the image below:

Free Kindle Books Limited Time Offers

Important: We only post the links of the books that we find are being offered for free. However, as we have mentioned before, these offers are available for a limited time. Although we regularly update the links, though when you go to avail a free offer, first you should check that this eBook is still free. If not, then go back and choose another one from the list.

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