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Frankenstein Mary Shelley book freeThe Frankenstein Mary Shelley book is a Gothic horror novel. It is freely available on public domains. We will share its download link here. It was published in 1818. The author Mary Shelley had written this compelling story when she was just 18 years old. It had become so popular among the readers soon after its publication.

The Frankenstein Mary Shelley book review

This fantastic novel is brilliantly written. It is one of the earliest science fiction thrillers. It is far better than its adapted movies. The characters and the settings of presenting situations are marvelous that also create suspense. The tempo of the story keeps the reader engaged.

The story of the novel is about a young scientist Victor Frankenstein. He wants to do an amazing experiment. He tries to assemble a living human. For this purpose he has to steal human body parts from somewhere. After completing his experiment, it seems he couldn’t do everything according to his plan. When he brings his creation to life, he remains terrified. Because it is not what he thought. His creation becomes horrible. An ugly human that Victor can’t accept.

Now the tragedy of the innocent creation begins. Like a new born baby, he also needs love and attention from other humans and his creator. But he only receives hatred. Everyone dislikes and rejects him. Now he decides to take the revenge from his creator. Here’s the true Gothic thrill and the murderous tale begins. An innocent creation who is tormented by Human behavior, turns himself into an evil monster.

The Frankenstein Mary Shelley book delivers some unforgettable messages to the readers. It forces you to rethink about your desires. It describes a universal truth that everyone hates ugly humans without trying to understand them. The real monster is made of this ugly shape of humanity. Frankenstein is really a masterpiece of Gothic literature.

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If you want to read it in paperback, then avail it from Amazon.

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