The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand {Online}

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand {Online}

The Fountainhead novel first published in May 7, 1943. The name of the author is Ayn Rand. Today we will share a link where you can get this book online. The plot of the novel revolves around an uncompromising young man, who is an architect. The story describes his invincible struggle against traditional principles.

You will also read about his love relation with a charming lady, who wants to defeat him. Furthermore, you will feel the pain and suffering of a man, who goes against the society and sticks to his own principles.

A few more details about The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand {Online}Rand had established her name as a novelist when this novel was ready for printing. However, regardless of this, she had to struggle hard to find a publisher for this book. Several publishers had refused to publish her manuscript. At last, it published by the Bobbs-Merrill publishers. Because an editor at this company helped Rand to make it possible.

After publication, it received mixed reviews by the critics of that time. Some of them praised its ideas, on the other hand, several reviewers criticized its lack of sympathetic characters. But they didn’t know that it will become Rand’s major literary achievement. Her philosophical ideas inspired a large number of readers including architects. In addition, this success also gave a big breakthrough in her career which led her towards a lasting fame.

This remarkable success also provided Rand several more opportunities to publish her new works. Her next literary work was Atlas Shrugged. And she had the option to choose one from more than a dozen of publishers, who were competing to acquire the publishing rights of Atlas Shrugged.

The first printing contained only 7,500 copies and it was selling slowly. However, the sale increased soon and the next year, in 1944, it’s included in the bestseller lists. While the sale remained continue throughout the previous century and it’s still going on. So, by the end of the year 2008, it’s more than six and a half million copies in English have sold. Other than English, the Fountainhead book is also available in more than twenty five languages of the world.

Link to The Fountainhead book by Ayn Rand

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