English Guru PDF all Parts {Download}

English Guru PDF all Parts {Download}

We have found the English Guru PDF version on the web. Today we will share its download link. This book is very helpful for the people and students, who want to improve their English speaking skills.

As we all know that the English is the most important language in the world. We can also say it’s the language of international communication. Just suppose if you travel to a country or place where you are unable to understand the local language, then the other language that might help you is only the English. So it is very important to learn and understand this language.

Some details about the English Guru PDF

English Guru PDF is a marvelous effort to teach the English language to the people and students. It was published by the Tele Mart publishers in the year 2006. It is a very long book so, it has been divided into three parts. That are:

1-Get ||| 2-Set ||| 3-Go

The first part ‘Get‘ is for the beginners, who don’t have enough knowledge about English speaking. By reading and learning this first part they easily improve their basic knowledge of speaking. This first part enables them to communicate with the people by speaking some basic necessary sentences.

The second part ‘Set’ is especially for the students. When they have to communicate with a person, who only knows English language then they feel difficulty. They first make a sentence in their mind, then speak. This second part enables you to speak with confidence and without getting in trouble of making a sentence in your mind.

The third part ‘Go’ is for advanced learners. If you have learned the first two parts, then this third part will make you an expert of English. You will be able to:

a- Attend meetings with confidence where some members speak difficult language.

b- Easily read articles containing difficult words.

In the end, we can say that the English Guru PDF is a must have book for students. You can get a free copy by visiting the below web address. All three parts are in one zip file.


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  1. Sir I wants to download English guru all three parts (GET, SET, GO) in english to hindi or English to English. please reply must

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