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You can download Emma book here. It is another great English novel of the 19th century literature. Its author Jane Austen was the famous English novelist of her time. This novel of manners published in 1815. It is also considered as Austen’s most unerring literary work.

Emma Book by Jane Austen review

Emma Book by Jane Austen Download

The story of Emma is about a young woman. Lives with her father in Hartfield, a village of Highbury. She has everything that one needs to live happily. She is wealthy, good looking, clever and talented so, everyone in her area likes her.

Although after publication some readers criticized for the lack of story, but the novel is still an interesting read. In addition, our protagonist is also not a perfect heroine as she has some flaws in her persona. Despite being 21 years old, she still has no self awareness. She also has not enough courage to face the opposition and correct his faults.

She has decided that she will never involve in love or marital relation with anyone. Though she is enormously eager of matchmaking and pairing up couples. Her intentions may be good, but sooner or later she has to be ashamed. She doesn’t realize the fact that she has no right to interfere with other people’s romantic lives.

The 37 years old Mr. Knightley is the only person who knows Emma and always advises her sincerely against her silly acts. When Mr. Weston‘s son, Frank Churchill visit to Hartfield, Emma attracts towards him. Knightley realizes that Frank has some wrong motives and he has some secret with Jane Fairfax.

Emma uses her friend Harriet Smith for her matchmaking plan. Harriet is going to accept the proposal of Robert Martin but Emma believes that Mr. Elton is a better match for her friend. So she makes her friend convinced while she doesn’t know that Elton himself is going to propose her. When he does, she remains shocked.

After several failed attempts Emma realizes her fault and feels ashamed that she has been playing with other people’s romantic lives. While she is also aware of another fact that Mr. Knightley is her actual love.

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If you are Austen’s fan and you haven’t read this book, you will also like it. Though, if you are going to read Austen’s work for the first time, then it is better to start with some other novel like Pride and Prejudice. The download links of this wonderful work are here. It is in the public domain. Source: Gutenberg.org

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