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Eleven Minutes Paulo Coelho BookEleven Minutes Paulo Coelho book is another good novel to read. We are sharing today the link of this story of finding a pure love. It was published in 2003 in Portuguese language. Its original title is Onze Minutos. It is also available in several other languages, including English.

Review of the Eleven Minutes Paulo Coelho Book

This time Coelho has presented a true story in this novel. It is based on the story of a young prostitute named Maria. She belongs to a poor Brazilian family. The early chapters of the novel describe about the childhood of Maria. She is told and convinced that it is impossible to find a true and sincere love. It will make your life terrible. But she is still interested to find a true love. She dreams to live her life as a fairy.

She thinks that she has to take some risks in search of pure love and a happy life. She wants to learn more about love and dealing with men. Her mind is set at this point that love can be found through the sexual relations. She decides to experience this. In Rio a rich businessman offers her a job of a club dancer in Geneva. She avails this chance as a new experience. May be she could find her fortune.

She exceedingly involves in sex. She becomes a prostitute. In the meantime a young and handsome painter meets with her who extremely loves her. On the other hand, she is also involved in BDSM with a rich musician. Now she has to select one of them. On one side there is her sexual glee, but on the other side there is a sacred sex that may be her true love.

Eleven minutes Paulo Coelho book is not suitable for the readers who are below the age of 18 years. Because a lot of things have been discussed in this novel that are related to sex. Such as masturbation, blowjob, BDSM and even orgasm. The historical information about the prostitution has also been stated. Coelho has described all these things between the story in his known philosophical style.

Overall, it is a must read inspirational story. It is very well written. Although many of the readers dislike Coelho’s lecturing style and feel boring. Though the early chapters are quite engaging.

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