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Dracula novel PDF, Epub and Kindle versions are freely available online in the public domain. Today we will share its links here. It was written by Bram Stoker and published in 1897. This is a Gothic horror and full of scare English novel. The vampire character Count Dracula was introduced for the first time in this novel.

Review of Dracula novel PDF by Bram Stoker

Dracula Novel PDF. Dracula novel Online free download.
Dracula novel online PDF

The story of Dracula novel PDF is about Count Dracula, who lives in Transylvania and also has some evil powers. Though, he also has some bad ambitions. So, he wants to move towards England in search of new blood. Jonathan Harker comes in Transylvania to have a business deal with Count. Soon he comes to know some horrific realities related to Count and his Castle. He wants to leave, but Count captures him and makes him seriously injure. Jonathan hardly survives and runs away.

While in England Jonathan’s fiancee Mina goes to her friend Lucy in Whitby. Meanwhile a mysterious shipwreck occurs on the seashore near Whitby. Soon after this Lucy’s behavior strangely changes. She becomes ill and also two small red marks appear on her neck. Now this is absolutely clear that the reasons of whatever is happening are certainly related to Count’s evil. So, it’s time to destroy the evil. Professor Van Helsing and some other people help Jonathan. They start a battle with Count Dracula to destroy him.

Although it is an older novel, but it is still as enjoyable as it was 100 years ago. The readers who like horror stories, Dracula book is especially for them. It contains all things that you can expect from a great horror novel. A well paced story with full of suspense, shocking scenes, spooky atmosphere and a young damsel captured by an evil monster. However, we must say that it is not suitable for children.

This classic novel also contains several words that a lot of present readers are not aware. If you expect that you are going to read a modern vampire story than beware Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula is dissimilar than present vampire. He is not a torturing hero, but he is an evil monster.

Dracula novel online download links

Dracula Novel PDF Online

Dracula novel online available in the public domain so, you can download from the links below. The Source of Dracula novel PDF is Gutenberg.org.

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Or if you want to read it in paperback, then get Dracula novel online from Amazon.

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