Don Quixote PDF by Miguel DE Cervantes

Don Quixote PDF download links are available on this post. The author of this work was Miguel DE Cervantes. He was the most important literary figure of his age in Spain. There were two volumes of this early modern Spanish novel. First published in 1605 while the second volume published in 1615. The English version of its first part published in 1612 while the second part came in 1620.

Don Quixote by Miguel DE Cervantes book review

Don Quixote PDF by Miguel de Cervantes

Don Quixote was a satire on orthodoxy and veracity. It has always remained in top positions on every list of the best ever fiction books. It is the most influential work of Spanish literature. Being in one of the early examples of canonical novels, this is also considered as a startup literary work of modern Western literature. In addition, the main character of the novel was one of the most popular characters of its time.

The story is about an old gentleman of the 16th century. His name is Alonso Quixano who lives in a village. Quixano reads too much chivalric literature, books about knights and their endless quests. This excessive reading almost destroys his mind. He imagines himself as a knight.

Now he decides to travel across the country. Because he wants to revive chivalry and establish a justice in the world by revoking the wrongs. He gives himself a new name Don Quixote. One morning he takes his grandfather’s arm and starts his adventure on a nag. In his quest he has to face some people who know about his psychosis. These people play with him some funny and cruel games just for their amusement. Hence he returns home being badly beaten.

Now he needs a companion so he chooses his neighbor named Sancho Panza. Quixano convinces him to travel with him as his squire. Panza is an honest farmer, but an uneducated man having a short wit and a habit of blabbering. In spite of his master’s mental condition which sometimes shocks him, but he still remains loyal to his master.

Cervantes has used an awesome language in this work that might be difficult for the modern readers. With a light tone his writing style is brilliant. Although it is nearly a 1000 page book, but because of its short chapters, it doesn’t bore the readers. Reading it with intervals will make it easy for you to get into the concept which the author has presented.

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