David Copperfield Novel by Charles Dickens (Download)

David Copperfield novel is available on this page for download. This is one of some great comic literary works. It was the 8th novel by the great author Charles Dickens. Published as a book in 1850. However, before that first it appeared as monthly serials in 1849 and 1850. This is often called Dickens’s veiled autobiography and it’s mostly based on the author’s own life events. According to him it was also his most favorite work among all his books.

David Copperfield book review

David Copperfield Novel by Charles Dickens Online (Download)

David Copperfield is the protagonist and also the narrator of the novel. The plot describes his life events from his penniless dreary childhood to becoming a prosperous and eminent author. As usual Dickens has used several such descriptions of child abuse that might be disturbing for some readers.

There are several elements in the novel that readers find interesting. It contains drama, love story, comedy, the everlasting fight between good and evil and a bit of suspense and horror. The story is full of powerful characters. David’s oppressive stepfather, Mr Murdstone, the wonderful, adoring aunt, Betsey Trotwood, the hateful Uriah Heep, pitiful, but charming Dora and the kind but extremely poor Micawber.

Dickens was a wonderful author and storyteller. This book is like his own biography. So all that he portrayed around him, he described in an amazing way. When we see this world through his eyes, we realize that this world is such a pleasant place. It doesn’t matter whatever the circumstances. Whether you are suffering from poverty or some of your loved ones died, the life is not bad.

You will see a variety of elements in this book such as love, happiness, sorrow, misery, grief, demise and suffering. The author expresses everything so well in its pure form. With its timeless humor it is really a wonderful read and the great author continuously makes you amazed.

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