Crime and Punishment PDF free download

Crime and Punishment PDF, Kindle and Epub versions are available online. Today we will share download links of this psychological novel. Published in 1866 in a series of 12 parts in a monthly journal. Later, they presented it in the shape of a book. The author Fyodor Dostoevsky was one of some great authors from Russia.

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Crime And Punishment PDF free download
Crime and Punishment PDF free download

Crime and Punishment is the story of an unconvincing theory of a brilliant student, who commits a murder. Further the story describes that how he has to suffer the process of punishment for this crime. Tormented by his guilt and dread he finally concedes his crime and goes to prison.

Raskolnikov is an extremely poor boy, however he is also a very brilliant student and a talented guy. He formulates a strange theory in his mind. He believes that an exceptional person always brings new and brilliant ideas that are helpful for others. That’s why due to his intellectual capacity he should be above the law and order. In this regard, an exceptional man is also allowed to commit a murder of an evil or vile man for some good purpose.

To prove his ideology he kills a conscienceless pawnbroker to get their cash. He intends to use this money in some good purposes. But after doing this act, he is caught by his own conscience. At this point the two other characters in the novel make him feel that he has a split nature.

One is Sonia, who is forced to be a prostitute to help her family. But she is also a truly religious girl. She always supports Raskolnikov morally and becomes the main source for him to rehabilitate. He only admits his crime in front of Sonia. The other character is Profiry, who is investigating the murder. He knows that Raskolnikov is the murderer, but Profiry wants him that he confess his crime of his own volition. Without any evidence, he uses some psychological tricks that force Raskolnikov to confess his crime.

This powerful story of justice, ethics and redemption is one of the early classic works of literature. It is also in the list of the most influential novels of the literary world. Crime and Punishment is one of those books that every reader should read at least once.

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