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Sometimes we need to pause to remember what it feels like to be a child, have imagination and freedom to think incredible things. And precisely what we need to read children’s literature. Therefore, today we will discuss this sweet story.

E.B White wrote Charlotte’s Web novel in 1952. This children’s book tells the story of friendship between a pig and a spider. They come together to prevent the death of the pig. A light tale, full of love for animals. Definitely a story you can’t miss.

Charlotte’s Web characters

Charlotte's Web PDF book free download or read online
Charlotte’s Web PDF download or read online

This novel has very few characters since the plot focuses on Wilbur and Charlotte.

Charlotte: The main character of this novel and the best friend of Wilbur. A very gentle, intelligent, and kind spider, who until the end, tried to save his friend from a horrible end.

Wilbur: He is the second featured character in this story. Although his role develops throughout the book, it is his friend’s ingenious ideas that save him from an almost certain ending. This little pig shows as innocent, faithful, and full of hope.

Fern Arable: The eight-year-old girl who takes care of Wilbur’s first months of life.

Templeton rat and old sheep: One of the first animals Wilbur meets on the farm.

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Charlotte’s Web PDF summary

The story begins with an eight-year-old girl and her farmer father, Mr. Arable. One morning in the barn, there is the birth of a pig of small stature and delicate health, which by the intervention of the little girl prevents her father from sacrificing him, claiming she took care of the animal.

For the first two months, the girl takes care of him like one of her dolls and gives him a name Wilbur. However, because of his growth, she has to give it to her uncle. But this is where the plot of the novel develops. During one night, Wilbur meets our little protagonist, a spider named Charlotte. Although in the beginning, the pig is receptive to how it is the way of life of his new friend. But she reassures him explaining that if she does not eat other insects, she could not survive.

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When Wilbur finds out that he is likely to be killed in winter to make him bacon. At this time, the only one who intends to save him is Charlotte, who, after thinking of a plan to avoid his death, begins to weave words into his web so that everyone could believe that Wilbur is an extraordinary pig and magical.

The book ends bittersweet with the salvation of the Wilbur pig, and the death of the spider Charlotte. During a regular trip, Pig Wilbur wins second place at the same time that his best friend was dying to give birth.

A few days later, when the eggs left by his friend hatch, all the spiders are dragged due to a blizzard in the place, leaving only three on the web. When this happens, Wilbur takes the duty to take care of them and teach them, telling them the story of his life and the wonderful person who saved him.

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Charlotte’s web Moral

This book raises two things that may seem dark to a child, but the author handles them very well: prejudice and death.

Charlotte’s web PDF is a story that conveys the meaning of love, friendship, and death. A unique account for a children’s book. The author tries to symbolize with Charlotte’s death and her achievements, that everyone has a natural cycle in life, and that you should always help others to get something in return, and that someone’s heart is not measured with size.

Perhaps what marked me the most was the friendship of Charlotte and Wilbur. The children liked this because the relationship between these two was powerful and tender. We even compare our best friends with Charlotte and Wilbur. Charlotte did everything to save her friend without expecting anything in return. Wilbur knew he had an intelligent friend with whom he could share his adventures on the farm.

Movie adaptations

This novel, written by E.B White, has two adaptations.

The 1973 Charlotte’s web movie was produced by Paramount Pictures, Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. This version of the film follows the original plot. A little pig is being sold to Fern’s uncle, and this one is being saved by his friend Charlotte.

The 2006 Charlotte spider web was produced by Jordan Kerner. This version of the movie is slightly different from the original plot. The pig in this adaptation is helped and saved, apart from his best friend Charlotte, by the Templeton rat and other barn animals, something different from the book. In the book, it’s just the little spider that helps.

Another difference is that at the beginning of the film, Fern’s father decides to sacrifice the entire litter of pigs, and the reality is that Wilbur was the only pig to slaughter due to the fragility with which he was born.

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