Charles Dickens’ Bleak House Novel in PDF Free Download

You can download Bleak House novel in PDF, Kindle and Epub formats. The name of the author is Charles Dickens. First published in book form in 1853 while it had already appeared in serial form from March 1852 to September 1853.

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Charles Dickens’ Bleak House | book description

Charles Dickens Bleak House PDF Book Free Download

In this novel Dickens introduced several characters and many sub-plots. Like his other works he presented various actual places and people and imaginatively changed them. Esther Summerson is the heroine, who is also the narrator while the story is also partly told by an omniscient narrator.

In the middle of the novel you will see a fictional court case, Jarndyce and Jarndyce in the Court of Chancery. Due to some different conflicting wills written by a testator, it was a long-running Court case.

In the first edition’s preface, Dickens asserted that there were numerous real points of reference for his fictional Court case. Dickens was also criticized by the legal profession that his satire was overstated. However, we can say this case was also the key part of the plot. In addition, Bleak House also became helpful to raise a legal reform movement during the 1870s which finished in the approval of legal reform.

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Charles Dickens Bleak House PDF Book Free Download

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