Canterbury Tales PDF by Geoffrey Chaucer

Today we are here with another classic work of literature which belongs to the middle ages. The title of the book is The Canterbury Tales PDF. It consists of 24 short stories which contain thousands of lines. Though it remained incomplete, because the author didn’t finish this work.

The name of the author is Geoffrey Chaucer, who was a British philosopher, poet and a diplomat. He had done a lot of literary work before, but the scholars and critics are agreed that this is his masterpiece. In spite of the fact that it is centuries old, it has remained so popular.

A short review of The Canterbury Tales book

The Canterbury Tales PDF by Geoffrey Chaucer

One of the most well-known writings of the medieval times, this is an enchanting tales collection about living in medieval England. Chaucer draws a sarcastic and an evaluative sketch of the English society of his time. He nicely presented several characters and their descriptions to present a critical image of civilization.

Chaucer created a unique way to describe these tales. A party of pilgrims travels towards Canterbury from London. Their destination is Saint Thomas Becket’s shrine. During the journey a competition of storytelling held among them. Chaucer described these tales as part of this contest. The most part of the work is in verse, though somewhere we can also find prose.

We can find a variety of classes and types of the humans in these tales which shows us Chaucer’s outstanding writing skills. He had a wonderful knowledge of various literary genres and linguistic trends. The imaginary characters aware us a wide range of the customs, traditions, people’s habits and conversation styles of the time.

Several scholars give Chaucer all credit that he was the first writer who started using the vernacular English in literature instead of Latin, Italian and French. While the English was used as the literary language at his time.

The Tales are a synopsis of medieval genres. It is full of humor, parody, romance, drama, saint’s life and vulgar narratives. Although the language sometimes is difficult to understand, but it is still an interesting read.

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