Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Download

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales PDF, kindle and Epub versions can be downloaded from this post. This glorious collection of German folk tales was an extraordinary literary work of the Grimm brothers. They first published it in 1812. Its actual title was ‘Children’s and Household Tales‘.

Brothers Grimm fairy tales book review

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales Download

From 1812 to 1857, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published total 7 editions. In each new edition they continuously edited the contents of several tales as well as they also added more stories. Hence the final edition consisted of 211 stories. This collection has been impacting people throughout the world since its publication.

A book which contains 211 very short stories, is really a heritage of dynamic oral tradition. It not only educate your child, but you can also recall your own learning. Can be a good choice for bedtime study for your child.

Each tale has a different story, but a common result that is the victory of good and the downfall of evil. You will see various wicked and villainous characters such as hag, giants, stepmothers, man-eaters and fairies. At the end of the tale, when a bad guy gets a terrible punishment, the kids learn that the result of evil always harmful.

These stories are full of wizardry, horror, sagacity, tragedies, sympathy and helpfulness. The main characters of each story are innocent and oppressed persons. They are the victims of cruel step-mothers or selfish brothers and usually they are a child, a young boy or a beautiful girl. What makes the story interesting is the appearance of a supporting figure. It can be a fairy, a kind ghost or a talking animal.

After the first publication, readers criticized because they felt that it is not suitable for children while the collection was marked as “Children’s Tales”. So the Grimm brothers made several changes in the later editions. They edited scholarly information and also cut off awkward references.

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