Brida Paulo Coelho Book in English

Brida Paulo Coelho Book in English

Brida PDF is a beautiful romantic and a mystery novel by Paulo Coelho. Today we are going to share the link of the English version of this wonderful bestseller novel. It was published in 1990 by the Harper Collins in Portuguese language. It is also available in 39 different languages.

Brida Paulo Coelho book review

This is not a huge novel. It is an enthralling and a vivid fiction. Paulo Coelho has included a lot of excellent worded prose. The novel describes the universal truths about the secrets of different traditions that will inspire you. With Coelho’s wonderful story telling method, you will feel that you are in the land of human hearts. When you will read it, you will seriously think about soulmates and your relationships.

The story of the novel is about a young 21 year old girl named Brida. She wishes to awaken her inner, supernatural powers. She is also in search of her love and also wants someone to teach her magic. In her opinion, to learn magic will help her to know about her Soulmate. She wants to become a witch.

First she meets a man named Magus, who lives in a forest. He is the master of the tradition of the Sun. He agrees to teach Brida, but first he wants to take her test. Magus leaves her in the forest alone, but this makes her angry.

Brida finds another teacher, a middle-aged Wicca, who thinks herself a specialist of the tradition of the Moon. With her mysterious powers, Wicca tells Brida that she is a witch not only now, but she was also a sorceress in her erstwhile lives and will be in her future lives.

This novel is especially for the readers who like fiction, fantasy and witchcraft. Who believe in signs, who are finding someone that change their lives.

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