Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Book Online

You can download the English novel Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. First published in1877. Anna Sewell the author composed it during a few years before her death. It was one of some all time best-seller because more than fifty million copies of this book sold. Its truly a readable work that not only teaches about animal welfare but also tells how to behave humans with sympathy and respect.

A few lines about the book, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Book Online

This first person narrative is actually an autobiography, told by a horse named Black Beauty. The story starts with his carefree life in a farm with his mother. Then his hard days in London, and then his retirement. During this he faces several difficulties and describes various tales of brutality and gentleness. In every part of the book you read an incident of his life that teaches you a moral lesson about sympathy. While you will also learn about the treatment of horses. The author’s in-depth observations and thorough descriptions related to horse treatment makes this work so real.

An excerpt from Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Book

“I consider,” said Sir Oliver, “that blinkers are dangerous things in the night; we horses can see much better in the dark than men can, and many an accident would never have happened if horses might have had the full use of their eyes. Some years ago, I remember, there was a hearse with two horses returning one dark night, and just by Farmer Sparrow’s house, where the pond is close to the road, the wheels went too near the edge, and the hearse was overturned into the water; both the horses were drowned, and the driver hardly escaped. Of course after this accident a stout white rail was put up that might be easily seen, but if those horses had not been partly blinded, they would of themselves have kept further from the edge, and no accident would have happened.”

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