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Beyond Good and Evil book first published in 1886. The author was Friedrich Nietzsche. You can download this literary work from this page. Originally published in German language which later translated into English. This outstanding work placed its author’s name among the greatest European philosophers of his time. In this book Nietzsche has amplified his concepts more critically that he had discussed in his previous work ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra‘.

Beyond Good and Evil book review

Beyond Good and Evil PDF Book by Nietzsche Download

Beyond Good and Evil is one of the major books of the 19th century. It has 296 sections with numbers and the author has organized these sections into 9 parts. This is a great work about love, power, enthusiasm and spirit. The author shows us a way of living in which our will to power is an essential principle of society as well as a person. He has criticized every former philosophy as having been fooled by a presupposed ethical system.

The author was a brilliant thinker of his age. Even though his writing style was always vibrant, puzzling, extremely critical, unclear and packed with poetic imagery. Though there is a separate theory of green ink slanting throughout the page regarding this crazy attack on conventional values. His views go powerfully opposite to the European philosophy of Christianity. He argues that there is an “order of rank” where the religious power of most people can be counted. Owing to the fact that this contrast between people, it would be absurd to implement one ethical code to all people.

Rather than the slave ethics, his ideology enjoys living in the moment. In this work he has blamed on previous thinkers of lacking critical sense. He rejected the Western theory with his opinions of good and evil. Especially, he blamed that they had set up a prime metaphysical structure upon this belief that a good person is the contrary of a bad person. Rather than simply a distinct expression of the identical primary impulses that discover more straight expression in the bad man.

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