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Today we will share Beowulf PDF, Kindle and Epub download links. It is an Anglo-Saxon epic poem and it is very, very old and too much longer. There are more than three thousands long sentences in this poem. It is presumed that Beowulf is the oldest long poem in English language that has been remained safe. It is also one of the most notable piece of works in the old English literature.

The time period when it was written is unclear. It’s an opinion that it had been written in 8th or 11th century or may be written between this period in England. The author is also unknown, however, for reference he is called Beowulf poet. Wikipedia tells that Beowulf first published in 1814.

 Beowulf PDF book, a short review

Beowulf PDF By Seamus Heaney

This fantastic epic describes the struggle and battles of the hero Beowulf against the monsters. These monsters are Grendel, his mother and a dragon. According to the story, Hrothgar is the King of Denmark. He has a big feasting hall. One night during a banquet in that hall Heorot, Grendel comes out from a swamp and attacks on the King’s people. He kills and eats everyone he finds there. Upon King’s request several heroes try to kill the monster, but fail and die in the fight.

Here comes Beowulf and after a terrific fight, he defeats Grendel by cutting off his arm. But then he also has to fight with Grendel’s angry mother. This time Beowulf follows her to a cave under the sea and kills her. Now he becomes the King. After passing 50 years, at the end of Beowulf’s life, he again has to fight with a dragon.

Beowulf PDF is kind of a story that every reader should read at least one time. Its poetic phraseology and astonishing language with an engaging story line has made it a masterpiece. The rhythm and historical significance will take you into some other world. But it is not suitable for kids. There are terrible unkind monsters biting and eating people and improbable violence that may terrorize some children.

Beowulf PDF and other download links

This outstanding old classic work is freely available in the public domains. So, you can download it from the links below.

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If you like, you can also purchase it from Amazon in different translations. The best translations are: one of Seamus Heaney and the other by J.R.R. Tolkien. You can avail them by visiting the links below.

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