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Ben Hur PDF eBook free download from this page. Kindle and Epub version are also available here. First published on November 12, 1880 while the author was Lew Wallace.

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Ben Hur PDF eBook Free Download
PDF Ben Hur eBook free download

The most influential classic work with some interesting and complex characters that give us a beautiful vision of the birth of Christianity. Full of betrayal, injustices and honors, which is based on a very interesting time. Life in the time of Jesus Christ.

Ben Hur is the story of a Jewish prince Judah Ben Hur, who is the childhood friend of the Roman Messala. Despite their friendship, the antagonism between these characters and an unfortunate accident lead the wealthy family of the Hur to misfortune. The Romans raid his house, imprison his mother and sister, seize their property and the rich Jew was made a galleon. Then after a battle against the pirates, Ben-Hur becomes the adopted son of the Roman nobleman Quintus Arrius. However, a secret objective returns him to Antioch. With the help of the old Simonides and the Arab Sheikh Ilderim, he confronts Messala and gets his revenge in a chariot race. Then they go to Jerusalem, where the appearance of the Jesus was expected.

A truly remarkable novel of adventures. We find a naval battle with pirates, the famous chariot race, love triangles and even a fist fight with a gladiator. All of these adventures in the life of Judah, in pursuit of revenge against Messala and the Romans, the search for his family and, finally, of a new faith. Revenge, forgiveness, betrayal, love… The classic themes that have been winning the hearts of the readers for centuries.

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Ben Hur eBook Free Download

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