Autobiography of a Yogi PDF, Kindle and Epub Free

Autobiography of a Yogi PDF, Kindle and Epub Free

You can download the first original edition of Autobiography of a Yogi PDF, Epub or Kindle book. Wikipedia describes that it is available in the public domain from Project Gutenberg. We will also present a review of this life transforming literary work. This nonfiction book is an autobiography and enables a reader to know about a widely known yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, his life events and his teachings. First published in December 1946, while the publisher was The Philosophical Library. It can also be found in 42 languages.

Autobiography of a Yogi, book review

Autobiography of a Yogi PDF

This is an extraordinary book which has educated millions of people in the west to spirituality and the techniques of yoga meditation. The lovers of this book and those who have changed their lives are everywhere in the world. In fact the teachings of this modern spiritual exemplar are still continuing.

This nicely written narrative lets you know the inspiring life story of Paramahansa Yogananda (the author). He was born in 1893 in Gorakhpur, India. In this masterpiece of his life memoirs the author recounts his amazing spiritual experiences. First, he describes his early life events. His uncommon childhood and search of a guru for enlightenment and wisdom throughout the country. During this search, his encounters with several saints and spiritual gurus of his age. He also writes about his training of Kriya yoga as a revered master. Further, how he traveled and set his spiritual teachings in America, which improved the lives of millions.

This widely praised and one of some best spiritual books ever teaches you how to realize the presence of God. It also introduces the thoughts of the eastern people about spirit-ism. Its inspiring lessons are very helpful for those who don’t fully trust in God. Readers also learn very well the advantages of yoga. If you have some doubts about yoga benefits than reading this classic will clear your mind. The author explains everything according to the scientific point of view. It will not only educate the readers but also describes some interesting and truly inspiring stories.

This superb book has the power to mesmerize the reader. It will be very hard for you to leave it without a finish. It is a special gift for the people who want to know the mysteries of life, death and spirit. We recommend everyone to read it at least once. It will change your life.

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