Atlas Shrugged PDF by Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged PDF by Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged PDF version is available online on different websites. Today we will review this masterpiece of the previous century. We will also share it’s link with you guys. Although it is not free, but you can get this excellent book from Amazon in a reasonable price.

About the Author of Atlas Shrugged PDF

Ayn Rand the Author of Atlas Shrugged PDF
Ayn Rand the Author of Atlas Shrugged PDF

The Author of this wonderful book was Ayn Rand. She was born in 1905 in the Saint Peters burg. She belonged to a Jewish bourgeois family of Russia. She was not only a novelist but also a philosopher and screenwriter as well. Look at her other notable work that we have listed below, including novels, fiction and non-fiction:

-Night of January 16th

-We the Living-Anthem-

The Fountainhead

-For the New Intellectual

-The Virtue of Selfishness

-Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

-The Romantic Manifesto

-The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution

-Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology

-Philosophy: Who Needs It

Her under discussion novel Atlas Shrugged along with The Fountainhead were the best sellers of their time. Rand was also famous for the philosophical system that she developed. She died in 1982 in New York.

Some details of the novel Atlas Shrugged PDF

Atlas Shrugged was the last novel by Ayn Rand. It was published in 1957 by the world’s largest book publisher Random House. In this lengthy and philosophical novel of Ayn Rand you will also find romance, suspense and science fiction.

After publication this novel received a lot of negative reviews from critics. But the strange thing is that it didn’t put any effects on its sales. It had become the best seller in the following years.

There are three parts in Atlas Shrugged PDF.



3- A IS A

Each part consists of 10 chapters. There are 891 pages in the eBook.

Free users: This is not a public domain book. So, you have to purchase. If you can afford, then please purchase the Atlas Shrugged PDF from the below web address. After purchase, you can save the eBook into your device and enjoy this worth reading creation.

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