As I Lay Dying Book PDF Download | Read Online by William Faulkner

As I Lay Dying book PDF free download or read online. The links from the Canadian public domain text is available on this page. This Southern Gothic novel first published in 1930. The author was William Faulkner, who was an American novelist.

Novel description

As I Lay Dying Book PDF Download | Read Online by William Faulkner

A story told by a bright, masterful pen and full of originality in style. The plot revolves around a family of poor white people. It is a heartbreaking story of realism and infinite sadness, in which we accompany its protagonists on a journey full of anguish and restlessness.

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With a simple plot, Faulkner portrays the human condition with all its misadventures. An epic journey, where through its complex characters, we know its secrets, guilt, wounds, and grudges, which with the death of the mother, are unleashed.

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As I Lay Dying book PDF details

Novel title As I Lay dying
Author name William Faulkner
Language English
Publication date 1930
Copyright status Life+50
eBooks source Fadedpage

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