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Anne of Green Gables PDF Free DownloadDownload Anne of Green Gables PDF from this post. It is a beautiful novel which belongs to the Canadian literature. This classic of the 20th century published in 1908. Its author was L.M. Montgomery. The novel was one of the best sellers of its time. After publication the readers of all ages equally liked it. Especially its story and the lovely character of Anne Shirley has always remained popular among the children.

Anne of Green Gables PDF book review

A very sweet tale of a little girl and her imagination. One of the most loved characters of English literature. Anne Shirley is our main character. She is an orphan. She is sent to Matthew Curthbert and Marilla, who are aged brother and sister. They want to adopt a boy, but by mistake a girl is sent to them. The girl has gray eyes and red hair is innocent, talkative and very imaginative. She seems to be a useless girl but she is not.

The novel describes Anne’s adventures, her school days, her literary ambitions and some incidents. After arrival at Green Gables, What she gained here, a life that she had never expected. A life full of adventures and fun. She has very Kind Matthew, cold, but loving Marilla, a dearest friend Diana and a rival Gilbert, who pulls her hair and calls her carrots. Anne hates Gilbert but with passing time her hater turns into likeness and maybe she falls in love with him. As she grows up, she comes into contact with the reality of life. She learns that life is not only for joy, but it is also harsh and unfair.

The author has made this novel extremely enjoyable by creating unforgettable characters and several funny moments. It is full of realistic dialogues and positive messages. After reading this precious book you will truly realize the importance of family, friends, relationships, sympathy and forgiveness.

Anne of Green Gables is a very suitable novel for children’s to read. We can call Anne a role model for kids. Especially when she finds a beauty in everything, makes her a great exemplary character.

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You can download this public domain novel from the below link. We have gathered a PDF, EPUB and Kindle files in one zip file.



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