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Download Anna Karenina PDF, Kindle or Epub versions from this page. It is a wonderful novel by the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy. First of all a magazine The Russian Messenger presented it in serial form from 1873 to 1877. While it published in a complete book form in 1878.

Anna Karenina PDF — Leo Tolstoy

Critics respect Anna Karenina book as a pinnacle in realistic fiction. However, several critics consider that in this work Tolstoy’s style of writing is transitional. They say that he had tried to joint the realistic work with modernist novel. According to the author his earlier creation War and Peace was more than a novel while he said about Anna Karenina that it was his first true work.

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Readers of every age have been fascinated by its glorious heroine Anna Karenina, and her painful relationship with full of life Vronsky.

Vronsky wants to wed Anna if she accepts to leave her husband. However, she is afraid of her husband’s uncertainty, Russian social standards and ethical religious regulations. Once when both two were in Italy, they could marry easily, but both of them feel difficult to come closer. Later, back at home Anna becomes even more upset and a victim of isolation. Regardless of Vronsky’s reassurances, Anna becomes more and more possessive regarding her imagined extramarital relation.

You will see within the book an identical account of Konstantin and Kitty. A rich man Konstantin wants to marry with Princess Kitty. She is sister-in-law of Oblonsky who is Anna’s brother. The author describes Konstantin’s challenges that how he manages his estate and his ultimate marriage. Furthermore, his efforts to accept the religious faith before becoming a father of a child.

There are several themes and topics in the novel. You will see the characters with hypocrisy, envy, trust, loyalty, marital relations, obsession, moving forward, community and sensual desire. A few of the themes features an analysis of politics and the feudal system of that time in Russia. Along with the government, it also explains the situation of individual persons, families, gender, ethical principles, and social class.

Anna Karenina book remains so popular as we see according to a Time poll of 125 modern day authors in 2007. In that poll Anna Karenina book was selected as the greatest literary work ever written. This classic account of doomed love is a widely praised book in literature.

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