Animal Farm by George Orwell Free eBook Online

Animal Farm PDF book by George Orwell is available on the web. First published on August 17, 1945. George Orwell had started writing this classic novella in 1943. After publication, it remained so popular among the readers. In the year 2005, it was included in the list of one hundred best novels of the English language by the Time magazine.

This short novel describes the events that relate before the Russian Revolution of 1917 and Stalin era in the Soviet Union. The author wrote this satire of totalitarianism during the second world war and released in the middle of the rise of Soviet Russia. This thought-provoking masterpiece shows the reality of human nature. Those who fought for freedom together, how they start to fight among themselves for power.

Animal Farm book summary

Animal Farm by George Orwell Free eBook Online

Animal Farm book tells a straightforward story of cattle shed animals. A farmer named Jones, owns and manages a big farm of animals. These animals live with suffering because Jones is a greedy and a drunken man. He always exploits them.

One night Old Major, who is an old boar gathers all animals to tell them his last night’s dream about the old song ‘Beasts of England’. In his dream he sees all animals are living together without any oppression of human beings. He teaches them to start a rebel movement against their master to gain this paradise. Everyone shows his keenness, but old boar dies after some days.

Now Napoleon and Snowball, the two younger pigs begin to lead their movement which they give the name Animal-ism. Their purpose is to build an ideal atmosphere only for animals. They formulate seven equitable principles for their community. Their most important commandment is “All animals are equal”. They also rename their farm as Animal Farm.

A few months later, they take the control of the farm by a successful revolt against their master. However, soon a war for leadership begins between Napoleon and Snowball. While the farmer Jones attacks them again to get his farm back, but the animals fight and he has to run away. One day Napoleon attacks on Snowball with the help of dogs and forces him run away wounded.

Animal Farm by George Orwell Free eBook Online
George Orwell, the author of Animal Farm novel

Now Napoleon becomes the absolute ruler of the farm. He starts oppressing the animals. If he comes to know anyone his opponent, he kills him. Even he kills the Boxer (a horse) too when he fell down due to his old age while working. Napoleon and pigs begin to repress all other animals like the farmer Jones. They exploit them for their own advantage. They also start business with human beings, even though it is prohibited according to their own rules. Until they begin to walk on two legs like humans do.

The language used in Animal Farm is simple and easy to understand. It is also suitable for children. They can enjoy it as an animal story. While the people who love history, will definitely like it and they can easily know the hidden meanings.

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We have shared its links from the Australian Public domain. According to our information the text of this novella is in the Public Domain for the countries where copyright is life+70. See the image below.

Animal Farm by George Orwell Free eBook Online

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