Angels and Demons Book by Dan Brown [Online]

Angels And Demons BookAngels and Demons book is written by Dan Brown. It was the bestseller of 2000. Today we will review and share the link of this mysterious and full of thrill novel with you. It is the first of the four novel series in which the protagonist is Professor Robert Langdon. Brown has created this fictional character. The other novels of the series are: The DA Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol and Inferno.

Review of Angels and Demons book

Angels and Demons book gives a lot of surprises to the readers. Where this fast paced novel fully entertains you, on the other hand it also contains some religious contents that most likely be offensive for several people. This novel also describes several historical facts that not only make it a unique mystery, but also cause the novel to feel realistic. However, some readers criticize that Brown has not mentioned some actual facts about the real things that he has included in the book. For example, when he writes about the Catholic Church, it seems that he is inspired by the anti-Catholic writers.

A lot of readers have read The DA Vinci Code by Dan Brown before reading this Angels and Demons book. Now if they want to read it, just for their information that both books are almost similar. However, we can say the Angels and Demons is more thrilling and full of suspense. In spite of the religious and scientific controversies, the Angels and Demons book is a great gift for those who love thrill and mystery. With a lot of unexpected twists, it is a quick page turner. You can’t stop yourself to leave it without finishing. Even if you read the reviews of the critics, many of them have also accepted that they have to read it till the end due to its nonstop mystery.

Links to get Angels and Demons Book

If you are a suspense and mystery books lover then, you should read this novel. You can get it from the below web addresses.

Free users: We are unable to share its free download link here because it holds copyrights.


Buyers: You can also purchase it from the following Amazon links. It’s used versions are also available at a very low price. They are in very good condition too. You can avail used version of Angels and Demons Book from the below link.

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