American Fairy Tales by Lyman Frank Baum {Download}

You can download American Fairy Tales by Lyman Frank Baum. We are sharing its links here on our website. The eBook contains 12 Fairy Tales from the author of the much-loved series of Oz books. A mix of magic and humor all of these short tales can enchant both children and mature readers.

A few more details about the American Fairy Tales by Lyman Frank Baum

American Fairy Tales by Lyman Frank Baum {Download}

When this work published, Baum had already become famous due to the success of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Before the publication of the book version in 1901, all of these tales had already appeared in several newspapers.

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Inspired by the Brothers Grimm and Lang, most of these stories set in the middle class situations of that time in America. Baum was a smart fabulist and he has brilliantly shown his creativity in this work. He tried to avoid the romance and violence that readers usually see in these kind of stories. In addition, with a moral at the end these tales are not only enjoyable, but also teach some lessons to your children.

An excerpt from the American Fairy Tales book

The king began to be anxious. All the women who looked at all kind hearted or pleasant had stopped bidding for lack of money, and the slender old dame with the wrinkles seemed determined to get the coronet at any price, and with it the boy husband. This ancient creature finally became so excited that her wig got crosswise of her head and her false teeth kept slipping out, which horrified the little king greatly; but she would not give up.

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This remarkable work ‘American Fairy Tales’ is available in PDF for free as a public domain book. Download it from the links below.

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