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Aleph Paulo Coelho BookToday we are going to present a review and link of another wonderful novel. It is Aleph Paulo Coelho book. This is actually an autobiography that Coelho has tried to write as a novel. It is based on spirituality. It also describes some strange theories about life and death, which many people can’t believe or understand. It was published in 2011 in Portuguese language. The Aleph Paulo Coelho book can be found in more than forty different languages.

Review of Aleph Paulo Coelho Book

This time Coelho takes you with him on a long journey. He travels through the trans-Siberian railway. According to him, if you are in search of something special then it is better for you to travel long. He gives his journey a name, ‘Journey back to my kingdom.’ The amazing reading of Aleph will take you deep into the world of spirituality.
During the journey he meets a 21 year old girl named Hilal. He claims that he was her lover nearly 500 years ago. Now at the age of 59 he is again in love with her. But he also loves her wife and can’t leave her alone.

Paulo Coelho has described some spiritual principles that are hard to believe. Especially if you reject the theories of reincarnation or transformation of soul. In such case, we will not recommend you to read this book. You may suddenly think it is boring. Otherwise, it is very impressive. It has all things included that make it a commendable work. A decent amount of laughs and sadness, immense enjoyment and ecstasy with an excellent method of describing. It is a full emotional enjoyment package.

Coelho knows how to engage the readers. He shows you the exact picture of the situation. According to several readers, reading this marvelous novel is truly a magical experience. It will show you the ways of self discovery. And it will force you to feel the things in a new way.

Link of Aleph Paulo Coelho Book

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