Assalam O Alaikum Wa-Rehmatullah-e-Wa-Barakatohu.

Translation: Peace be upon you all and the mercies and blessings of God be upon you.

Nice to see you here. I am Kamran from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I am a graphics designer and managing my own business where I provide photo editing and printing services. I also love blogging and want to do something good through blogging. I have been working in the blogging field since 2012. I want to learn more and more and love to share useful information and knowledge with everyone. If I have some knowledge then it is good to spread it.

I am a patriotic person. I love my country and want to give to the world some positive impression of my country through my honest online work. I love working with big online brands, such as Google Adsense, Amazon, Click Bank and some others. If I work sincerely with 100% honesty, then it will not only beneficial for me but also good for my country’s reputation.

The purpose of making this website is to share the links of the books that are freely available online without any complaint such as Public Domain Books. I am a book lover. Reading books is my hobby and I enjoy reading in my spare time. I have read a lot of interesting and full of information books online. I have found some books online, which I had failed to get from the market due to some unknown reasons. That’s why I want to share the links of books through this site.

Another reason of making this blog is that the majority of people in my country are poor, and not only Pakistan but poverty is almost every where in the world. A lot of people who love reading but they can’t afford to buy a book while a lot of books are not available in the markets and even in the libraries however these books always remain on different sites. For such people, we try to provide the download links to the books that are freely available online. There are thousands of excellent free eBooks can be downloaded from the public domains or that are available out of copyrights.

If a book or novel is in copyrights and not available for free then we don’t provide download link. We only write a book review and mention that it is not free. In the end of the article we provide our Amazon affiliate banners or links of that book instead of download link.

If any one want to contact me, then please feel free to contact by using our contact us page. We will be happy to reply to everyone. You can also reach me through the following ways.

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