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Today we will discuss something about A walk to remember novel. It was published by Warner Books publishers in 1999. The author of this romantic work of fiction is Nicholas Sparks. This heart touching book was a bestseller. It remained on the best-seller list for several months. While you can also watch the movie based on this love story with the same name.

A review of A Walk to Remember novel

A Walk to Remember Novel

This wonderful novel presents a magnificent story of the mid of the previous century. It has been set in Beaufort, North Carolina. The narrator is Landon Carter, who remembers his senior year at Beaufort high school. It describes the powerful romance of two youngsters, our narrator Landon and Jamie Sullivan. Despite that they were two opposite minded people, they involved in love with each other.

Jamie is like a fairy. She always donates to the poor people and orphans. Even she helps the animals. But there are some guys who often ridicule her for all this. On the other hand Landon is a totally different person. He never cares anyone. He is also the one of those people who laugh at Jamie. In short, it’s an everlasting love tale of a bad boy and a sweet girl.

Sparks is famous for writing the stories that make you cry. The readers who haven’t read any book by him, we recommend them to start with A Walk To Remember novel. Although the book is somewhat a slow pace, but when you start reading, it will engage you. It is one of the novels that are not easy to forget soon. Spark’s writing style is very simple. In addition, there are no complications in the plot. With some sweet characters it is a fun and easy read. While, several parts of the story are inspired by some real life events. The majority of the readers and critics have liked it. But if you also have a plan to watch the movie, then its better you first read the novel.

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