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A tale of two cities PDF Free DownloadYou can download the English novel A Tale of Two Cities PDF, epub or Kindle versions from this page. The author was Charles Dickens. This historical fiction novel was published by the Chapman & Hall publishers. They published it in their literary magazine All the Year Round in the year 1859. They  presented one installment every week from April to November during this year. It is the most bestselling novel in the history of literature.

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A Tale of Two Cities PDF has 45 chapters. It describes the circumstances of Paris and London at the period of French Revolution. A brilliant story of love and familial affection against this revolution. A new reader can learn its historical background as well as he comes to know about feudal system, the difficulties of the peasantry and the French monarchy. Unlike the previous works of the author, this story has fewer humorous characters. But the plot is more impressive and magnificent.

Doctor Manette is a wrongful political prisoner in France. Now he is released after 18 years. Lucie is his beautiful young daughter. She loves her father and takes him to England for his better care. And within a few years he recovers very well. A young man named Charles Darnay meets with Lucie. Charles leaves his family and France, to live in England because he dislikes his family’s cruelty to the peasantry.  Soon, this French instructor comes close to Lucie and her family. But there another man named Sydney Carton is also involved in love with Lucie. His reputation is bad, but he is a sharp minded lawyer in England. Though besides his deep love he thinks that he doesn’t deserve Lucie. Charles marries with Lucie and he reveals everything about him to Lucie and Doctor Manette. This truth makes the Dr shocked, but he ultimately convinces that Charles is a totally different man than his family. Later, due to Charles’ background they have to go back to France.

A Tale of Two Cities PDF is a classic masterpiece and it is frequently taught in schools. With a suspenseful story, it discloses a lot about the French Revolution, brutality, injustice and blind revenge. At one side a reader enjoys the sweet love story between Charles and Lucie, an impressive deep attachment between a father and daughter on the other hand readers can never forget Sydney Carton’s character with greater purpose.

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