A Journey to the Center of the Earth Book by Jules Verne

Today, on this page we will share download links to a science fiction novel from the 19th century. A Journey to the Center of the Earth book PDF, Kindle and Epub versions are available in the public domain. This classic literary work first published in 1864. While its English version published in 1871.

The name of the author is Jules Verne, who was a French poet, playwright and novelist. He was one of the major authors in France and Europe. In addition, sometimes he is also called the “Father of Science Fiction genre”.

A Journey to the Center of the Earth book details

A Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne Book Download

The story describes about Otto Lidenbrock, who is a German professor. He and his nephew Axel find an old textual document. After studying that report they come to know that there are volcanic tubes leading to the Earth’s center.

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According to this report they decide to arrange a journey. Then, along with a guide Hans they start their quest into the Icelandic volcano deep within the Earth. During their adventure they discover an underground world. They encounter natural hazards and prehistoric animals and in the end they come to the surface of the Stromboli volcano.

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This outstanding literary work of imaginative fiction is still attracting the readers of the modern age. It is not only an utmost science fiction adventure, but also shows the flawless human mind. There are several movie adaptations of this inventive tale also available.

Download links to A Journey to the Center of the Earth book

This very interesting tale is available online in the public domain. You can download it from the links below.

Source: Gutenberg.org        PDF           Kindle and Epub

You can also download another version ‘A Journey into the Interior of the Earth‘ with a better translation. This translation work is a great effort by Rev. F. A. Malleson.

PDF           Kindle and Epub

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