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A Christmas Carol PDF Free ebookA Christmas Carol PDF by Charles Dickens was first published on 19 December 1843 in London. The publisher was Chapman & Hall. This classic novella is one of Dickens’s most well-known works. After publication, it instantly became successful. In fact, it is still as popular as you can easily find it on any bookstore or library. Several filmmakers and producers have also adopted its powerful story in their productions.

A Christmas Carol PDF book review

This novella contains an enduring tale of an old miser. His name is Ebenezer Scrooge. This full of hope story describes his transformation into a kind-hearted and a caring person. This happens when he confronts with some ghosts. One is the ghost of Jacob Marley, who was his business partner. The others are the Ghosts of Christmas present, past and future. After meeting with these ghosts, Scrooge recalls his past memories and realizes his mistakes. He thinks to bring positive changes in his life.

This fantastic tale is absolutely festive and nicely didactic. It is a short and easy to read book, but has a lot of depth and a strong moral lesson. Its nice setting, wonderful characters from Scrooge to Tiny Tim and with Dickens’s powerful way of story telling make it an all time classic.

When A Christmas Carol published, in Victorian England readers loved to read ghost stories. At that time it was a common thing in literature. This simple story has also put some great impacts on literature. You can imagine the biggest influence of this tale that the last name of the main character ‘Scrooge‘ has become a dictionary word as a substitute of the word ‘miser’. The impressive plot of this novella has the potential to make you cry and laugh.

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This 19th century classic work of fiction is in the public domain. We have given its download links below. These are a PDF, Epub and Mobi files. Just download one which you like.

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