1984 PDF, Epub, Kindle book by George Orwell

We are sharing today the links of a very popular English novel 1984 PDF, Epub and Kindle versions. This political fiction novel was written by George Orwell. Its publication date was 8 June 1949. While the publisher was Secker & Warburg. It is one of the most translated literary works in the English language. In addition, it is also available in sixty five different languages of the world. After Animal Farm, this is another great work by Orwell.

1984 by George Orwell book review

1984 PDF, Epub, Kindle book by George Orwell

1984 is considered as a literary classic when it comes to its plot, ideas and writing style. According to the Time magazine it is one in the list of top hundred best English novels from the period of 1923 to 2005. This dystopian masterpiece, is certainly the most influential book of the previous century. It reveals totally new aspects of the human nature. It presents an understandable portrait of life lived under permanent surveillance.

This great nightmarish vision of Orwell can still control the imaginations of the modern generations. The breath taking imaginary world that has been created by the author is really simple and convincing from start to end. The terms used in the novel became the part of culture, such as “Big Brother”, “Thought Police”, “double think” and few others.

The concepts presented in the book are not just fiction. The reason of making these observations by the author are the things that are already putting impacts on our lives. It conveys a simple truth that we must know our world if we want to survive. Innovation in technology is beneficial and good for development. But we should be careful because it can be dangerous if used against us. The reader can feel the power of its wonderful guidance that grows with the time.

Links to 1984 PDF and other versions

This book still holds copyrights in a few countries, including the USA. However, there are many countries where 1984 book is out of copyrights available. While we have collected its download links from the Australian public domain. Read below note:

1984 PDF book by George Orwell

The source of 1984 PDF book is eBooks@Adelaide.

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The readers, who like to read in paperback, can purchase it from Amazon. The link is below.

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