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12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup PDF book free download from this post. You can also download this classic literary work in Kindle or Epub formats here. Northup, who was an African American from New York, compiled his autobiography in 1853. While David Wilson did its editing.

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12 Years a Slave Book Free Download {Online}

Solomon Northup was a black man in New York, who was a freeborn son of a liberated slave. A peasant and violinist, he also had a property in Hebron. But sadly, in the year 1841 some clever slave-traders trapped him by offering a job of a violinist. When he went with other gathered employers to Washington, DC, they tranquilized him. After that they sold him as a slave. They sent him to New Orleans and sold to a manor proprietor in Louisiana.

For the next 12 years he remained in the Red River district of Louisiana under many different owners. Several times he tried to escape and finally in the long run he secretly got information about his family in New York. Now his family and friends get him released with the help of the state. He recovered his freedom again in 1853 and came back to his family.

Usually some questions come in a reader’s mind about the validity or credibility of books about slavery as well as slave narratives. While critics have also noted the similarities between this work and another best-selling novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe which had published one year before it.

We can say Twelve Years a Slave maybe the best ever narrative of all the slave stories. It is a nerve racking journal regarding one of the tragic periods in the history of America. It explores how a liberated person in New York, was tricked with the guarantee of quick cash. He spent his next 12 years in imprisonment on a cotton manor in Louisiana.

The author has described a thorough detail about the slave trade in Washington and New Orleans. He has also provided the information related to sugar cultivation, length cotton and slave treatment on plantations in Louisiana.

An opinion

This book tells a true story that portrays a darker side of the history. Therefore, it is better for the young readers to not study it alone because it needs talk and reflection. You will realize it is a touching story that is also filled with aspiration, belief and flexibility against uncommon odds and an exceptional perspective of slavery in the Victorian time.

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