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 February 4, 2015

Feroz-UL-Lughaat is a very famous and popular dictionary. It is an Urdu to Urdu dictionary. Dictionaries are very important and helpful to learn and understand a language. If you want to understand the meanings of difficult words of a language, then you have to keep one of the related language. You can easily find the meanings of any difficult word. In Urdu language, there are many different dictionaries are available in the market as well as on the internet. But the majority of the people and students have widely accepted Feroz-UL-Lughaat to learn and understand the meanings. It is also available on the web to download through different websites.

Some details of Feroz-UL-Lughaat dictionary

Urdu to Urdu Dictionary Feroz-ul-LughaatThis book is compiled by Mr. Moulvi Feroz-Ud-Din and published by Feroz sons private limited. This must have educational book contains a huge collection of words, idioms and phrases. It consists of more than one hundred and twenty five thousand words, idioms and phrases with their meanings and translations. The hard copy consists of  1472 pages and the PDF file has also 1472 pages. The print quality of this book is very good. You can easily read it on your computer screens. The size of the PDF downloadable file is 78.6 MB.

Download link of the Urdu to Urdu Dictionary Feroz-UL-Lughaat

If you want to save a soft copy of this superb dictionary Feroz-UL-Lughaat, then it is available on the following web address.

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