Jun 272015

The Lost Symbol by Dan BrownToday we will review and share the link of a bestseller English novel The Lost Symbol. The author of this thriller is Dan Brown. It is the third novel of the Professor Robert Langdon series. The previous two, Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code had published before it. The Lost Symbol had been published in 2009. It’s more than thirty million copies had been sold till 2013 and it is continuously selling yet. After its release it sold too fast. It became the quickest seller adult mystery novel ever on the first day of release. It remained in number 1 position on the bestseller list of the New York Times for six weeks.

Review of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

There is no doubt that Dan Brown books entertain you more than any other writer’s novels. He has his own writing style that makes you observe the things differently. After a long wait, this time again, he has come with a mystery thriller. Although he has included the secrets of history and art, but this time the plot is somewhat believable.

Many of the readers who continuously read Dan Brown books because of suspense and thrill, they have also liked the Lost Symbol more than the previous novels of this series. But still there are a lot of readers who have disliked it due to the same formula, average script and dialogues. They criticize that they have found nothing new in the lost symbol. Further, the details of the secrets have also not been disclosed. One other bad thing is the repetition of sentences. There are several phrases that appear again and again. We can say that it is not a masterpiece of literature.

In spite of all this criticism, the lost symbol is not a bad novel. It is still a quick page turner. If you are a Dan Brown’s fan and you read novels just for entertainment, then it is a worth reading.

Links of the lost symbol PDF by Dan Brown

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