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 October 1, 2014

Shahab Nama PDF is one of the most popular Urdu books in Pakistan. It is also considered as the most read books in Pakistan. The Author of this book is  Mr. Qudrat ULLAH Shahab (late). He was born in February 26,1917 in Gilgit Kashmir. He was a civil servant and a well known writer and spiritualist as well. He passed the Indian Civil service exam a few years before the partition of the Sub-continent. He served in several offices in Pakistan. He was an honest civil servant and due to his honesty, he has to decide to resign at four occasions because he was forced to do some wrong things. He has also remained as Pakistan Ambassador in Netherlands. Mr. Qudrat ULLAH Shahab was the nearest friend of Ashfaq Ahmad and Mumtaz Mufti. Both great writers gave him much respect and deeply regard him. Mr. Shahab left this world on July 24, 1986.

Review of the Urdu book Shahab Nama PDF

Shahab Nama by Qudrat ULLAH Shahab PDFThe Urdu book Shahab Nama is in fact a biography of Mr. Qudrat ULLAH Shahab. He had started to write his masterpiece in the year 1938. Ibn Insha who was also a great writer of Pakistan has encouraged him to write his biography in the shape of a book. Ashfaq Ahmad, Bano Qudsia ( Author of Raja Gidh ) and Mumtaz Mufti have helped him to arrange Shahab Nama as a book. Mr. Qudrat ULLAH Shahab has described about his life experiences in this book. He has mentioned his full of adventurous childhood, remembering of his service life and incidents during partition of Sub-continent. Shahab has described some of his spiritual experiences in this book. People often discuss about his spiritual personality. Shahab Nama was published after its author’s death in the year 1986. Later Mumtaz Mufti has stated openly about the hidden and spiritual traits of Shahab. Shahab Nama was also published in English language.

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