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 September 21, 2014

Today I am posting here the link of the website that contains the download link of the Urdu novel Peer e Kamil. This Urdu novel is written by Umera Ahmad. She is the most famous and popular writer of the present age.

Peer e Kamil by Umera Ahmad Book review

Peer e Kamil by Umera Ahmad PDFPeer e Kamil is the book which is widely accepted and praised by the fans of Urdu literature worldwide. According to Umera, there is a time comes in every human life when ALLAH Shows him two ways to go, a dark way and a bright way. Now it’s totally depends upon that man, which way he chooses. If he selects the dark way and after some time he realizes his wrong decision, then he wants to come back. At that time only one thing can help him that he only follows a voice. Peer e Kamil is that voice which should follow.

Peer e Kamil is a religious story of a young girl Imama Hashim. She belongs to the Qadyani religion. She has also engaged with her cousin Asjad. She is also shown two ways by ALLAH and she decides to go to the bright way. She leaves her religion and becomes Muslim. Then she has to face problems.

Download link

This novel is freely available online without any issue since long time. If you want to avail this thought provoking Urdu novel Peer e Kamil by Umera Ahmad then visit to the below website. It contains the download links.


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  1. peer kamil is a book which touch the hearts of everyone who read it

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