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If I stay PDF by Gayle FormanIf I Stay PDF version enables you to enjoy this heart touching story into your devices.  It describes an excellent story about family and love. The author has written this novel, especially for the children of the ages 14 and above. It was published by Dutton Penguin in 2009. This remarkable, young adult short novel has been written by Gayle Forman. She is an American author who was born in 1970. Mostly she writes on the topics that belong to the young people and children. She also manages a website.

A short review of the novel If I Stay PDF

If I Stay is based on a theme of death and life. It is all about a teen Mia. She has lost her parents and younger brother in a road accident. Although she survives, but now she is in coma. During the coma, she faces an extraordinary situation. A wonderful experience, where she can not only watch everything around her, but also feels that she has found a chance to decide about her death or life. Now she is in trouble of decision. Her future depends upon her decision. She takes the help by recalling her past memories to decide about her future. Will she stay alive with her love or whether she will go back to her parents. It’s better for you to know her decision by reading If I Stay PDF.

If you are a sensitive person and seriously care of your family and love, then this story will win your heart. The readers and the reviewers have also given very positive reviews to the novel. Its unique story and excellent characters will not only entertain you but also make you cry. Later its sequel, Where She Went published in 2011.

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