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Emotional Intelligence Book by Daniel GolemanEmotional Intelligence Book is an international bestseller. The name of the author is Daniel Goleman. Today we are going to discuss and share the link of this wonderful self help book with you here. It was published in 1995 by the Bantam Books publishers. It consists of 384 pages.

Emotional Intelligence Book review

Daniel Goleman has done a great work in the shape of this book. It introduces the emotional intelligence. You can learn everything about it. It provides you the practical methods that how you can use it. Following them will help you to live a happy life. You will be able to behave better with the people around you. Goleman has briefly explained about the human brain, behavior and emotions. He has described that emotional intelligence is much responsible of our thinking, making decisions, social relationships and self-motivation.

He has delineated thoroughly that, it is not the IQ level, but the emotional intelligence that plays the biggest role in human success and happiness. It is necessary for everyone to thrive in any field of life. Those who have this, achieve everything in their life, such as brighter career and lasting relationships. While its deficiency in some people causes several problems such as anger, bad behavior, violence and negative activities.

He has written this book very well with a lot of inspiring examples. He has researched in depth of the preeminent psychological work of the past. He has chosen the best and valuable points from the excellent work of the past several decades. He explained them in his own brilliant way.

A short details about the author of Emotional Intelligence Book

Daniel Goleman the author of Emotional Intelligence Book

Daniel Goleman the author of Emotional Intelligence Book

Daniel Goleman was born in 1946 in Stockton, California. He is an author, journalist and a specialist of psychology. He has written several books on psychology, ecological crisis, education and brain sciences. He also writes on the science topic for the New York Times. He has been included in the ten most influential business thinkers in the world. He has also received several awards. His website is

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